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Metro Related Links

This is a list of links pertaining to Metros and their siblings, Swift, Firefly, and Sprint. These sites are great for seeking help with your Metro, whether it be a problem, or just getting ideas on how to customize your ride for more performance or better looks. Check them out, you'll be glad you did.

Metro Related Forums
The Geo Metro Club A club for enthusiasts of the Geo Metro.
Metro and Swift Club A club for all Metro and Swift enthusiasts.
Swift GL (Singapore)
Suzuki Swift GL Club (similar to Metro).
Team Swift A board for Suzuki Swift owners, Metro owners are welcome as well.

Metro Related Sites
MetroSport2K A site dedicated to the 2nd generation Metros ('95-'01)
The Metro GTi One man's quest for the ultimate Geo Metro hybrid.
Swift GTi Site A Canadian site dedicated to the Swift GTi.

Geo Hubcaps Need a hubcap or wheel cover for your Metro or other Geo?
1.0 Liter Turbo Cars A very brief history of the 3cyl. turbo cars.
EBay I have purchased alot of Geo Automobilia items from here, do a search on Geo Metro and see what YOU find.