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My Geo Metro

These photos are of my 1994 Geo Metro XFi. I purchased this car for a mere 1450 dollars in September of 2000 off of a used car lot. It was not in perfect shape when I got it but it was exactly what I was looking for: A small, manual transmission, hatchback car, that was great on gas, and it only had 89,000 miles on it.

I have always liked the looks of the Metro, and surprising to me was that this little car was pretty "peppy" for only having three cylinders. It has been wonderful ever since. I love it so much that I went and bought a 1992 base model Metro for a parts car. This car had a knocking engine and needed a lot of work mechanically so for 200 dollars a parts car it would be, I even drove it home. I have used so many "cosmetic" parts off of it for my XFi that it has already paid for itself.

1994 XFi in Sky Blue Metallic

This is what my car would have looked like from the dealer.
Although mine was not optioned with the body
side molding or the passenger side mirror.

The "Rally" Metro is born.
Although a little over done, this is the first iteration of my little "Rally" car.
The "Rally" Metro: Final Draft
This is the final version of the "Rally" Metro, toned down a bit from the original version. Four optronics lights, with a total of 220 watts, were the main attraction.
Mission Control
Here's a look behind the wheel. Sunpro Tach, Grant GT wheel, Hurst shift knob, Pilot pedal covers.
From The Other Side
A peek in the passenger side reveals an under dash fire extinguisher, and custom installed Volt and Oil gauges.
Under The Hood
This is my newly finished custom intake. It is made from an APC kit for an Accord, and it utilizes the main stock air cleaner housing.
Another Angle
I cut the pipe in half, flip-flopped the ends and connected it back together. Then I pressed one end in a vise to make it the correct shape to slide into the air cleaner housing opening.
Support Bracket
This shot shows the front support bracket I made, it holds the weight of the assembly and bolts to the motor mount arm. Connecting it here lets it rock with the engine creating less stress on the whole assembly.