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Geo Metro 1989-1997 (R.I.P.)
Chevy Metro '98-'01 (R.I.P.)

Metro traces its history back to 1984 with the introduction of the Chevy Sprint. It was redesigned in 1989 and joined the Geo line of vehicles. All Metros, except the convertible, were manufactured by CAMI Automotive Inc., in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. This was a joint venture between GM and Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd. The convertible was built by Suzuki in Japan.

The Metro Line-Up
Metro Hatchback Coupe ('89-'01)
Metro Hatchback Sedan ('89-'94)
Metro Convertible ('91-'93)
Metro Sedan ('95-'01)

Metro Trim Levels
Three different trim levels were available during the production of Metros. The easiest way to identify a certain trim level is by looking at the bumpers. XFi bumpers were all black, upper and lower. Base model bumpers had a body colored upper portion and a black lower portion. LSi bumpers were all body color, upper and lower.

Metro XFi ('89-'94)
Metro Base Level ('89-'00)
Metro LSi ('89-'93)('95-'01)

Metro XFi
All Geo Metros came standard with a 1.0 liter, 3 cylinder engine. The XFi model was designed for maximum fuel efficiency. It had a lighter curb weight, different computer, camshaft and transmission than the base or LSi models. It also had less comfort and convenience options than the other models. It boasted 53 city/58 highway mpg numbers and received "Most Fuel Efficient car in America" for all six years of it's production. It was dropped after the '94 model year because of slow sales.

Metro Base Model
The Metro base model was more upscale than the XFi. It listed A/C, and Automatic transmission as options not available on the XFi. It also had standard features like body side molding and a passenger side mirror which were options on the XFi. It had a more powerful engine, six more horsepower to be exact, rated at 55 horsepower. This was accomplished with a slightly higher lift camshaft and a computer programmed for power as well as economy.

Metro LSi
This was Metro's sport model. It sported body colored bumpers, and composite headlamps, although the interior is where the LSi was really set apart. Much more plush than the other two models, It sported bucket seats with seperate head rests and storage bins on driver and passenger doors which were also cloth and vinyl unlike on the other models. A split fold rear seat and rear cargo cover were standard as was the 6500-8000 rpm redline tachometer. The LSi was equipped with the same 55 horsepower engine as the base model. Later model LSi's (95 and after) were also available with a 70 horsepower 1.3 liter four cylinder engine. All convertibles were produced as LSi models and came with a standard drivers side air bag.

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